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Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Books for teachers:

Unity and Variety – A History Of The Church In Devon and Cornwall, Nicholas Orme, University of Exeter Press, 1991

Truro Cathedral - A Short Guide, Truro Cathedral

Online: – provides information about the education workshops on offer and the history and running of the Cathedral. - explains the structure of the Diocese. – explores the history of British Cathedrals. – a summary of the history of the Church of England.


Truro Cathedral offers workshops which introduce pupils to the Foundation of the Diocese and the importance of the Cathedral for many people. They also offer the opportunity to find out different aspects of the Cathedral including the special places, objects and roles and how it is used. Sessions feature a range of approaches including tours, dressing up, role-play and provide time for reflection. To book a visit email or call 01872 276782.