Curriculum Kernewek

Cornwall Agreed Syllabus 2011

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Suggested Activities
+ Draw on the Guide to Methodism to enter the classroom in character as John or Charles Wesley with props e.g. hat, coat, bible. Introduce yourself and tell pupils why you have come to Cornwall and what has happened on your visit e.g. having to preach outside. Give pupils chance to hot-seat you and ask questions about your Methodist beliefs and practices.
+ Use Message Game to help pupils explore the Methodist approach.
+ Explain to pupils that Charles Wesley encouraged people to sing to God as well as talk to God. Teach the class a Methodist hymn like Love Divine, All Loves Excelling or a Christmas Carol like Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, both lyrics written by Charles Wesley.
+ Remind pupils that John Wesley had to preach outside because the Anglican clergy wouldn't let him preach in their churches. Take pupils to visit Gwennap Pit and encourage the class to sing the hymn that they have learnt at the site.
+ Take the class to visit a local Methodist Chapel and ask pupils; is it different to our Parish Church? How? Invite a Methodist Minister or member of the congregation to explain why it was built and how it is used today.
+ Ask pupils; are there any chapels near here? Use pupil knowledge and the Curriculum Kernewek Map to identify local chapels and their denomination. Draw on the class findings to create a denomination tree for your area including relevant branches such as Anglican, Bible Christian, Primitive Methodist, Wesleyan Reform, Baptists, Quakers, Presbyterians, Congregationalists, Plymouth Brethren and Unitarians.
+ Hold a Sunday School Tea Treat celebration in the school grounds or near the school. Help pupils to make saffron buns, heavy cakes or scones and lay out the food and drink on a picnic blanket. Encourage pupils to get into the spirit of the day by playing brass band recordings, organising games and learning traditional dances e.g. Snail Creep.